Sports Testing Overview

p>When you think about athletics, The first thing people ask is how many homeruns have they hit? How many touchdowns have they scored? People always want to know how hard you can throw, or how fast you can run. No one seems to ask, “how does he/she perform under pressure”, or “how hard of a worker is she/he’? Why not?

What allows the top athletes to excel in their respective sport? It is a combination of a few things: Hard work, dedication and incredible athletic ability to name a few. However, one of the most important pieces is the mental aspect of the game. Having the mental edge provides them with the ability to gain the upper-hand on their opponents. It is THIS piece that separates the average athlete from the superstar. By leveraging our assessments, you can take this knowledge and apply it to make decisions with more knowledge.

Here’s how The Inside Mind can help your sports team or school. We can:

  • Help you make decisions on which athletes to bring into your school’s program by assessing how their responses fit with your guidelines

  • Help you better understand how current athletes fit into your program.

  • Provide you feedback for each specific athlete to guide them in individual personal growth

  • Provide assessments to guide athletes how to take the next step mentally and provide the edge over their competition