About Our Assessments

Every one of our assessment tools is designed by a team of psychologists, educators, statisticians and artificial intelligence engineers with years of experience in the field. Large-scale validation studies with tens of thousands participants are conducted on a regular basis to ensure that our assessments are up to date and reflect current social and cultural climate. More than 90 Million people have used our assessments

  • Expertise. Our team of psychologists has over seven years of experience in psychometric test development and design of complex scoring mechanisms. Our test battery has been developed using the APA standards for psychological test design. They have been thoroughly researched using samples of tens of thousands of subjects. The scales are scored using algorithms that draw on artificial intelligence and system-expert principles, allowing exceptional precision and ensuring scientific accuracy and construct validity.

  • Advantageous quality/price ratio. We offer top-notch assessments for a fraction of the cost of competitors. Affordability of our tests is of outmost importance to us. By keeping our costs down, we are able to provide professionally designed and up-to-date instruments for unusually low prices.

  • Versatility and choice. We currently have more than 400 assessments that you can choose from. If one of the current tests do not meet your needs, our development team is flexible enough to create an assessment that meets that need of you and your organization

  • Reputation. As the undisputed leader in online psychological assessments our tests have earned a reputation for its rigorous scientific validation, thoroughly researched topics and astonishing insight into the human mind.