The Inside Mind is backed by an established, privately owned high-tech company that specializes in development of psychological tests. The company is positioned as a leader in online psychological testing, with a reputation for quality, flexibility, professionalism and innovation.

The test battery is complemented by an ever-growing suite of database-driven and other professional tools designed to explore the potential of online testing to its fullest. Our core product, the battery of tests, is adapted for use in academic research, marketing, human resources management, psychological counseling, life coaching and other areas.

Not only do the assessments accurately measure and score your answers through statistical analysis, but we also provide feedback on those scores. This feedback guides you along the path of improvement for those areas which you are working on developing.

The Inside Mind looks forward to working with you to help your business, team, or yourself to the next level.

Our Goal

Our goal is to combine deep insight into the human mind with state-of-the-art technology and large-scale validation studies in order to create a battery of complex self-scoring assessment tools.